Outdoor Classroom

Lyndon Learning Childcare and Preschool was so excited to launch our new outdoor classroom on Mother’s Day weekend! I encourage you to take a moment to explore the two new outdoor areas: the butterfly garden and the vegetable garden. The butterfly garden includes the beloved playhouse and all of a butterflies needs. The vegetable garden contains plants, a composter, a herb garden, a sandbox, an art center, and a log chute water bin.

These two new areas offer so much enrichment for the students! Just in the last few days, we have seen teachers use this area to engage their students in new and exciting ways. Ways that I have noticed as I pass by include:

  • Infants and toddlers using all of their senses to explore the vegetable garden, including taste!

  • Early preschool students acting in the playhouse and searching for crawly critters. (They found Frogs!)

  • Preschool students can water plants and monitor water intake with the rain gauge. (Leading to this class discovering hundreds of tadpoles!)

  • Pre-Kindergarten students can weed the garden and guide green beans on the trellis.

Several classrooms, including Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten, participate in long-term outdoor classroom sessions. Teachers pull a few nature-based toys and head outside for the morning and work in small group centers. Activities might include building animal habitats with tree cookies, finding magnetic rocks, racing objects down the log flume, helping the teacher with gardening projects and harvesting, or building an African savannah in the sandbox.

Be on the lookout this summer and year round for your child’s classroom to participate in this exciting venture!

Alyssa Christy, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Amy Ayres, Director