New Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms

Because of our large incoming class, Lyndon Learning is expanding its Pre-Kindergarten classroom to two separate rooms. We are so excited to grow our program and to further develop our mission to impact the future one family at a time.

Lyndon Learning Preschool offers a kindergarten readiness program that teach our learners through weekly themes children love and engage with while our teachers use our custom developed weekly scaffolded learning, monthly goals, long-term projects, and a thorough assessment system to ensure your child is on the right track for a successful elementary school start. In the upcoming year, we will hone these materials and introduce a phonics based reading system.

PreK1 and PreK2 will consist of up to 12 students and their teacher in an individualized, newly renovated classroom. Each room will have special focuses and features. The teachers will collaborate on activities and topics and use the same base goals, just like the teachers in Preschool, so that the children will learn similar concepts each week.

The new room is an amazing room after which the building will slowly begin to model. The focus of the room is Wonder, featuring a lofted reading nook, cave writing center, science exploration center and Art focus. The decor is whimsical to encourage the magic of preschool and inspire the child’s sense of make-believe. Tulle, leaves, fairy lights, and more create the perfect fairytale classroom. We are so excited to introduce the new room to you. Feel free to take a peek and the classroom will open on transition day on August 5th!

Our Prekindergarten program is NOW ENROLLING! If you are unsure about the status of your child’s next classroom transition or if you would like to tour the building, contact Director

Amy Ayres

Alyssa Christy