Making Snow Easy

Summer and fall have come and gone. Welcome to winter! Pre-K loves Winter and we cannot wait for the best part….SNOW! I know, snow. That terrible, sticky, icy stuff that blocks roads, causes cars to slide, and more. That being said, snow is magic to your preschool-age student. I wanted to write a quick piece on ideas for a snowy day to share with you to help keep the magic going while keeping you sane.

1. Bring the snow inside! I know it sounds ridiculous, but really. Get a bucket of snow and put it on a towel on your favorite tile floor. Then, just have at it! There are lots of ways to spruce this idea up. We’ve added red and blue food coloring to watch it mix, dump trucks, and made tiny snowmen! The best part? No one is freezing!

2. Use fake snow. I use pillow stuffing in our room to make a whole snow bin. We search for characters from The Mitten and look at other winter classics like pinecones.

3. Make snow cream! Who knew ice cream could be so healthy? Grab a bucket of fresh, clean snow from outside. Mix in 1 cup of milk, your favorite sugar or sugar substitute to taste, and your favorite imitation or natural flavoring (my favorite is butterscotch). Invite your child to do the stirring and teach them how to measure using a measuring cup. Dig in while watching your favorite holiday film.

I hope you enjoy these ideas and would love your feedback! We can’t wait for this winter and hope you feel the holiday magic too.

Alyssa Weaver

Pre-K Teacher

Lyndon Learning Preschool