Summer 2018 Textile Project

One of the many joys of Reggio-Emilia inspired projects is that you don’t always know what is next. If you haven’t had a tour of our classroom, we do quarterly child-led projects. Using interests from the previous semester, I narrowed our overarching theme to “How It’s Made”. I assumed the children would pick robots, towers, or cars. In my head I designed adorable lessons with marshmallow cars, giant recyclable skyscrapers and more. Then, WHAM! The children chose textiles!

With only 8 weeks left for our project, I re-designed all of our plans. We began by exploring textures, colors, and shapes while decided what we wanted to know about textiles. In the end, they had many questions:

  • How are textiles dyed to make my shirts and blankets look cool? We predicted they were painted, and found out the truth!

  • How do you turn a piece of fabric into a blanket, pillow, shirt, or scarf?

  • Are there different methods of making textiles?

  • Where do the textiles come from?

And off we went! We completed many projects, including:

  1. Homemade recycled paper

  2. Tie dye shirts

  3. Galimotos

  4. Goose down from real goose feathers

The class favorite was our smelly good pillow project. We wanted to make “smelly good” pillows, so we went to our School Garden to find things that smell lovely. Although I expected the children to pick the fresh rosemary, the children decided the best smelling plant in the garden was our sunflowers grown by the 2-year old classroom. We found one at the end of its life and spent the entire day:

  • dissecting it

  • making fresh sunflower oil

  • figuring out the parts

  • drying petals to keep in our classroom Zen Garden (a natural sciences exploration zone)

I am so excited to see what our Fall semester brings as we study Things that Grow. To read more about our summer project and to see examples of our completed work, check out our learning wall located just inside the first gate.

This is not a special occurrence in Pre-K. In fact, I aim for every day to be a “big day”! If you aren’t one of my current friends, I’d love to meet you and tell you more about our wonderful classroom and other amazing things we do at your tour. We can’t wait to meet you! Our class is very social and loves meeting new friends! If you are, I’ll see you soon and can’t wait to tell you about our fun day today!

Ms. Alyssa Weaver

Pre-K Teacher, Lyndon Learning

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